New HFCU Headquarters and Bell Oaks Branch Traffic Flow

We will soon be closing off the old temporary entrance/exit to the Bell Oaks Branch and opening the new entrance/exit for access to the new HFCU Headquarters and the Bell Oaks Branch.

Members, visitors, and employees will then be able to enter only on the left side of the building, but will be able to exit on either side.

We will be communicating this new traffic flow to our members via buck slips in the Bell Oaks Branch, the Bell Oaks Branch in-branch TVs (see graphic below), the HFCU website, and social media.


Even as we open this new entrance/exit, please be aware that there will still be some areas undergoing finishing construction.  We ask for your patience as we complete these new facilities to better serve our 50,000+ members.


Construction Wrapping Up!

Work inside of the building continues to accelerate towards completion.  Most of the ceiling work is completed along with the voice and data wiring.  Our carpet and tile flooring along with painting is almost complete.  Our elevator is being installed, and the parking lot has been started with concrete pouring commencing soon based on the weather.  After the elevator and parking lot are ready, we can begin furniture delivery and set-up.  We are anticipating a mid Q1 2016 move-in date!

The building, well looks like a building now!

We are about 90% complete with the framing, our brick work is completed and our windows / doors are close to being installed (with all of the openings wrapped and closed work can be completed inside).  Drywall has started.  The metal panels for the exterior of the building have been ordered and once installed will make the building really look great!   Continue to watch our progress as the construction and year winds down!

Good Weather = Good Results

With the recent weather being conducive to building we are making good progress on our new Administration Building in Newburgh.  Bricking has begun, wiring has commenced and the framing (as you can see when you stop by the branch) is really taking shape!  Notice the outline for the large windows in the front facing HWY 66?  Notice the double entry doors taking shape next to the branch?  Yes, this is where you will enter the branch and new Administrative Offices.  We are very excited to see the building taking shape.

Moving on up!

Our project is moving along nicely with the steel erection completed for the most part.  The exterior framing is also nearly completed.  Floor slabs are being poured and the masonry work soon will commence!  Based on this wonderful late summer weather the local union workers are able to make some great headway as we approach fall and winter when the interior work can be completed.  We anticipate an early 2016 opening

Great day to work outdoors.

With the fine weather we are having our contractor is moving along nicely and the exterior framing is ongoing, roof deck has been poured, stairs are being finished, plumbing is being completed on the 1st floor and roofing will start around 9/8/2015.  We have had some questions related to the entry / exit at the Bell Oaks branch.  Please remember that the current entry / exit from the drive-thru and the parking lot is temporary and a new traffic pattern will be in place when the entire building is completed.  Thank you.New building_1